An Elite Misunderstanding

The Elite (The Selection, #2)The Elite by Kiera Cass

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Warning: Major Spoilers Ahead

In this sequel to the beloved (or hated) The Selection, America became quite an annoying character. I’ve been team Maxerica from the start, so I despised how she kept on using Aspen as her safety net. Her love for both boys evolved into something dependent on her moods; her happy days were spent with Maxon, while her bad days were spent with Aspen. Gah, this entire novel was practically about America’s outstanding indecisiveness. I wanted to throw a book at her every time she insisted that she simply needed MORE TIME. Seriously, the perfect choice was right in front of her, but she just couldn’t see it!

America’s “major” misunderstanding with Maxon was kinda irrational. I thought that it was unfair for her to blame him for Marlee’s caning. After all, Maxon wasn’t the one who made all of those misogynistic rules about the Selected “cheating” on him. Ha, it was also ironic how America got angry at Maxon for using Celeste, when she herself was similarly using Aspen. Oh man, the drama in this book was so shallow, but I admit that reading about it was such a guilty pleasure. LOL

For me, the last straw was America’s impulsive (and resentful) proposal to demolish the caste system. I admired her sudden political empowerment; she seemed to be the only Selected girl who cared about Ilea’s social problems. However, her proposal was made at the WRONG TIME. It was basically a stupid and childish move because she only did it to spite Maxon for refusing to let her go home. To make things worse, Maxon was horribly punished because of her ignorance. Maxon was my favorite character, so I was angry at America for inadvertently causing him pain.

Ultimately, my regard for America flopped in The Elite. I still love the entire Selection ex-trilogy, but this book is definitely my least favorite.

*The featured image was contributed by Dessa Mae Jacobe (@dessatopia)


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