Finally Someone

We all wanna be someone’s
Wanna be someone’s someone
With somebody we can’t live without
— Monsta X

In the year 1986, a stubborn man kissed the ring finger of a similarly stubborn woman. They could not stop fidgeting as they waited for the minister to declare them husband and wife.

Meanwhile, a beast in the crowd was tapping a foot tattooed with the words true love waits. No one paid attention to this unworthy creature even though it had donned such a beautiful red rose.

After the minister took the hint, the impatient couple finally exchanged heartfelt vows, simple words that were powerful enough to make forever possible.

The deprived creature frowned as if it were allergic to such sentimentality. Still, it knew that their love transcended both blood and logic. Gingerly, the creature picked a petal from its now blooming rose.

“Speak now or forever hold your peace,” the minister declared, filling the air with palpable anticipation. Then, like a miracle, he locked eyes with Someone.

At the end of the ceremony, a white rose lingered on the altar.