Going Bananas

What do I do? If I don’t have bananas
What do I do, what do I do?
Banana banana banana

— Oh My Girl

In the year 1999, a girl entered the threshold of preschool. After throwing a fit, she clung to her mama like a soft, newborn babe.

Her tantrum was to no avail, for her mother left her there, in the care of a teacher with soft, pale hands.

The girl fiddled with the ten-peso bill in her pocket, trying to find comfort in its crisp softness.

“A is for antelope, and B is for banana,” the teacher proclaimed. The girl suddenly smiled, for she adored the creamy softness of bananas.

She took out the paper bill from her soft jumper and then held it up high to show it to the world.

Snap! A tearing sound thundered, punctuated by a piercing laugh. The girl did not like it at all, for it was anything but soft.

The paper bill, now torn in half, fell to the floor like soft feathers. And for the first time in his life, the girl appreciated the value of hard things.