Review Policy

I would be happy to accept Young Adult novels to review. I am particularly fond of the fantasy sub genre, but I am also inclined to read contemporary, sci-fi, historical, and dystopian books.

I am also willing to review Adult books, as long as they do not contain sexually graphic content. With that in mind, I would never entertain erotic novels.

In regards to the format, I am more fond of physical books than e-books. However, since I live in a country where it is hard to receive actual books from other countries, I am open to reviewing e-books (and audiobooks).

I am generally a slow, polygamist reader. I read 5-10 books alternately, so it may take a while (i.e. one month) for me to finish a single book. Nevertheless, if I am given ARCs to review, I would prioritize them so that I could review them on or before their publication dates.

I do my best to be honest and objective in my reviews. I am not afraid to give popular books a 1-star rating.  I highly enjoy books with relatable characters, gripping storylines, and meaningful themes. My rating system is akin to that of Goodreads;

  • ★★★★★ I loved this book and would gladly reread it
  • ★★★★    I enjoyed this book a lot
  • ★★★      This book was entertaining yet quite flawed.
  • ★★        This book was likeable but forgettable
  • ★           This book annoyed me so much